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What can we expect to happen next?

Whilst we are delighted to report that our Cults and Aboyne branch office staff are now able to carry out viewings and market appraisals in person, and whilst viewing enquiries have already surpassed this time last year, this is not a return to “normality” by any means.

Strict safety protocols will have a pivotal role to play as our property teams take the first steps on the road to a fully functioning market.   Surveyors, photographers, financial advisers and removal companies as well as those of us involved in the legal aspects of a property move, are all gradually returning to work.  Everyone, of necessity, will be operating under strict health and safety guidance which will mean that it may take some time to work through any backlog which has built up during the total lockdown of the property market.

The initial signs have been very positive and what has been particularly interesting is how potential buyer needs already seem to have changed throughout lockdown.  Many are looking to buy properties with balconies, gardens or at least some form of outdoor space whilst others, fed up of a daily commute to work on the tube or train, are looking to move out of the cities to more rural and less populated areas.  Many have enjoyed home working and are deciding to move further out of the cities to perhaps “cheaper” areas, offering more value in terms of accommodation and with less having to be spent on fuel and other travel costs.   Interesting trends, and times.

At Mackinnons, we are optimistic that the activity which we are seeing will continue on into the summer months.  If you are contemplating your next move why not contact our property teams to discuss your requirements.

Patricia Gray

Latest News