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Addressing the Myth that Parking Fines are unenforceable

A decision issued from Dundee Sheriff Court hit the headlines when Sheriff Way has determined that a motorist, Carly Mackie, is liable to pay £24,500 in unpaid parking tickets to a private parking company. Read more

The Discount Rate in Scotland

Scotland has today, 28 March 2017, adopted the Personal Injury Discount Rates reduction in line with the Lord Chancellor’s February statement for England & Wales.  Given that our claims culture is broadly similar throughout the UK, it is not a massive shock that the Scottish Government has followed the same... Read more

Personal Injury Cases - Compulsory Pre-Action Protocol

The Compulsory Pre-Action Protocol, which came into effect at the end of 2016 now applies to all relevant accidents after 28th November 2016; all claims with an estimated value of not more than £25,000 excluding interest and expenses (as decided by the Claimant) and all claims where the Claimant is... Read more

The Law on Protected Trust Deeds and Successful PPI Claims

Whilst we have all heard the adverts for such claims or received calls from claims companies offering to assist us, those of us who are fortunate enough to succeed in a claim may not always recoup the sums awarded. Read more

New Sheriff Court Simple Procedure Rules

As part of the ongoing development of the legal process following Lord Gill’s radical review of the court system, culminating in the Courts Reform (Scotland) Act 2014, a new set of Rules have been introduced to the Sheriff Court with effect from 28th November 2016.  Read more

Lessons from Marine Accidents

Please follow this link to read further, the introduction to the Fishing Section has been written by Keith MacRae, Partner at the firm. Read more

Human Trafficking and Exploitation (Scotland) Act 2015

This high profile legislation which was passed in October 2015 fully came into effect on 31st May 2016.  Read more

Missing - Presumed Alive?

Ever since the high profile case of John Darwin faking his own death in an apparent canoeing accident, the issue of proof of death has been brought more sharply into focus, particularly regarding life assurance payments.  Read more

Are your Employees Adequately Protected?

In the case of Kennedy –v- Cordia (Services) LLP, the Supreme Court reached a unanimous decision that an employer who failed to provide a home care worker with anti-slip footwear, was in breach of the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 (the PPE Regulations).   Read more

The Crown and the Glasgow Bin Lorry Crash

It was Monday 22nd December 2014 and Glasgow city was busy with Christmas shoppers when tragedy struck. Without warning a bin lorry went out of control in Queen Street, struck pedestrians and crashed into the Millennium Hotel. Six people were killed and a number. Read more
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Legal Rights - Update

  Under Scots law, a surviving spouse, civil partner and children are entitled to certain legal rights when an individual dies with (testate) or without (intestate) a will.

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