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Corporate Social Responsibility is something Mackinnons feel very strongly about.  Our profession is very people orientated and the nature of our profession is all to do with caring about getting the best results for our clients.  It is very easy to lose oneself in our self importance rather than looking beyond the perimeters of our office environment.  At Mackinnons we have always encouraged our staff to participate in fund raising events, whether for one of the firm’s nominated charities or one that they personally feel passionate about.  

Nominated charities


In 2017 we marked our 175th year in business.  In tandem with the firm’s celebrations we elected to embark upon a year long fund-raising campaign with all monies raised being donated to our designated charity, The Fishermen’s Mission. http://www.fishermensmission.org.uk/

Fishermens Mission logo

Mackinnons has its roots in fishing and marine law and we have a long tradition of working with, and supporting The Mission and other sea related charities and groups.  In our anniversary year, rather than divide up the funds we raise annually throughout our various offices, we decided to pledge our support to The Fishermen’s Mission, a charity which, since its inception has provided huge amounts of emergency support and care on various levels to fishermen and to their families.


The RNLI has saved more than 140,000 lives since its foundation in 1824.  Mackinnons has been associated with marine law for over 150 years and proud to support a charity that saves lives at sea in all weathers.  The donations they receive will pay for the essential, specialist training that helps them make fast decisions in extreme conditions.


Cranes was founded in 2003 to raise funds in support of local research into the causes and treatment of all forms of cancer. Fundraising over the decade has now exceeded £1.5 million and, as a local charity with no centralised administration costs, most of the money raised has been made available for local cancer projects.   The money raised by CRANES is distributed to local projects working to prevent and treat cancer in all forms.

“Professor Emad El-Omar from the University of Aberdeen said “CRANES has been an outstanding supporter of cancer research in the North East of Scotland.  Through their generous donations to the University of Aberdeen we were able to establish cutting edge research programmes to understand bowel cancer.  They also donated to generously to initiate a Future Leaders programme at the University which facilities training of our brightest medical students and junior doctors in cancer research.”

 “Given the very nature of the private client side of our business, each week we learn of clients and their families who have been affected by cancer. It is crucial that research programmes continue in the years to come and we as a firm feel that it is very important for the money raised locally to be made available for research in the area and not, as so often happens, for vast sums to be dissipated in centralised administration costs.” Pat Gray, Partner.

We are happy to support CRANES annually in their continued good cause.

Previous causes 


Following devastating flood damage to properties in Upper Deeside we donated all fees generated from the provision of Notary Services  for 2016 to the Ballater and Deeside Flood Relief Fund set up locally by the Rotary Club of Aboyne and Upper Deeside

Pat Gray, the local Partner, said,

“We have done this in the past and have over the years raised considerable amounts of money which have been donated to the local hospital and to other deserving community groups.

Many, many people and business have had a dreadful start to 2016.  We are trying to assist in various ways but thought that the money which we donate will help those affected during the weeks and months to come.”


The youth of today are our future and we believe that it is important to encourage our younger generation in every possible way in a positive manner. 


Mackinnons Award

Mackinnons Solicitors have, for many years, enjoyed strong relations with the Cults community and, as part of those relations, have forged strong links with Cults Academy.   Over the years, many Academy pupils have offered their services to the charity fundraising events undertaken by Mackinnons.  Without exception, these young adults have proved to be willing, polite, articulate, genuine people with an obvious desire to make a difference.

With this in mind, the Partners of Mackinnons made a conscious decision to recognise these attributes in young people and make a regular award to an individual, nominated by their peers, as being an outstanding member of the community.   

Previous winners of the award have been  Michael Thomson, Joanna Duck, Breige Yorston and Toby Veale

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