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Scottish Guidance on House Moves…and other positive news

Following upon the First Ministers announcement of Tuesday 22nd September 2020 regarding restrictions being further tightened as a result of a recent surge in Covid 19 cases, clarification on “house moves” has now been issued by the Scottish Government.

Thankfully the Scottish Government has confirmed that professionals and trades people who need to enter people’s homes to facilitate a house move can continue to do so”.  The Government’s existing guidance on viewings by members of the public, at least for the meantime, remains unchanged from that issued on the 29th June 2020 when home moves were again permitted “provided they could be carried out safely”.

This is good news for the local property market since we had feared that house moves may have been put on hold as one of the measures designed to drive down the infection rate.

Another piece of positive news is the data this week made available from Aberdeen Solicitors Property Centre (ASPC) which has shown that in the month of August the website traffic broke all records, recording 1.36 million website sessions and 447,000 users.  To put this in context, the “average” monthly traffic usually sits around the 1 million session mark – a clear indication that despite recent (and ongoing) setbacks, the local market remains resilient and has bounced back from the lockdown to 29th June 2020.

We can but hope that this trend continues as we move into the autumn/winter months of 2020.

Patricia Gray, Partner

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