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Working Conditions for Fishermen

The Work in Fishing Convention aims to ensure decent working conditions for fishermen by setting out minimum standards for crew working onboard fishing vessels.  It covers a broad range of issues including health and safety, repatriation, wages, onboard living accommodation, the provision of food onboard and social security. 

Whilst the Convention was adopted by the International Labour Organisation in 2007, it is not yet in force.  It will come into force 12 months after it has been ratified by 10 ILO member states, 8 of which must be coastal countries.  To date, only 2 member states have ratified.  The ILO is therefore meeting with interested parties today to discuss how ratification can be increased to ensure that the Convention is implemented.

For more information please contact Martin Sinclair or Nicola Gray or call on 01224 632 464.

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