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Court of Session Case Decided Under Romanian Law

An Aberdonian man has been awarded more than £50,000 by the Court of Session after suffering a spinal injury in a car accident. However, somewhat unusually, the award was assessed under Romanian law. Read more

Health and Safety Consultation on Regulations for Self-Employed

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have opened a three-month consultation on possible changes in Health and Safety regulations for self-employed people. Read more

Consultation on the Discount Rates for Personal Injury Awards

The UK Government has opened a consultation on the discount rate to be applied to personal injury awards, following a fall in the yield from Gilts. Read more

Woman Injured Climbing Stairs Backwards Sues

A woman has sued her Landlord in the English High Court for a six figure sum after falling down a set of outside stairs. Gillian Drysdale fell whilst walking backwards up the stairs, in the rain, carrying a heavy load. Read more

Worrying Statistics Released by the Accountancy in Bankruptcy

Quarterly figures released by the Accountancy in Bankruptcy (AiB) show a further increase in the number of personal insolvencies, with 3,310 awards of bankruptcy being made in the 3 month period to 31 May. This is a 26% rise on the previous quarter, which itself was substantially higher than the... Read more

The Changing Face of Debt Recovery

The procedures for enforcing Court Awards, known in Scotland as ‘Diligence’, were largely reformed by the Bankruptcy and Diligence (Scotland) Act 2007. Since 2002, the Scottish Government has released annual national statistics on the use of diligence and these allow us to see in black and white the impact of... Read more

Courts have power to strike out claims where there has been an abuse of process

The Supreme Court has recently held that Courts have the power to strike-out claims which are tainted by dishonesty. Read more

Jury Awards

Traditionally, damages awards made by juries have tended to be significantly larger than those made by a Judge. Over the last 18 months, there has been a series of very large jury awards in fatal injury cases which widened that gap even further. Read more

Disclosure of Confidential Information from Arbitration

The Court of Session Outer House has held that the public interest in the administration of justice “can override the obligation of confidentiality”. Read more

Sporting Chance? Injured Umpire Sues

On 18 April 2009, Edwin Hickox was umpire for the New York Yankees v Clevland Indians baseball match. In the sixth innings of the game, he was struck on the head by a ball hit by Indians batter Ben Francisco, which he alleges shattered his protective face mask and caused... Read more
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The Seafarers' Wages Bill

Earlier this year, P&O sparked widespread outrage by dismissing almost 800 staff members before employing agency staff on a lower wage.

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Fundraising Update

We are delighted to announce that our staff have smashed their walking target! Having quickly surpassed our initial distance of 785 miles (the width of Ukraine), we raised the bar to 1570 miles to make the virtual "return" journey.

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