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Aberdeen city is one of the ‘best in which to live and work’

According to the latest Demos-PwC Good Growth for Cities Index, and as published in the Press & Journal, Aberdeen is ranked in sixth place in a league table of 42 UK cities, bypassing Edinburgh, as one of the best cities to live and work in the UK.  The study was based on 11 indicators of socio-economic growth.

Aberdeen scored above the national average in seven of the 11 indicators.  The most improved areas of growth and above the UK average were the areas of Health, the Creation of New Businesses per head, Transport and the Environment.  It was noted that Aberdeen was one of the worst performing cities for new jobs, primarily due to the downturn in the oil gas sectors in recent years, however, ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ and Aberdeen came out on top in Scotland for the Creation of New Businesses. 

The ASPC (Aberdeen Solicitors Property Centre) published its figures this week for the third quarter of 2019.  For Aberdeen city and suburbs, the house price change was down -0.9% for the third quarter and down -4.7% for the year.  However, volume of sales has increased 9.6% from the previous quarter, with a decrease of -0.4% compared with the volume of sales a year ago.  It has been a difficult year economically across the UK, and we continue to experience the effects of the unstable political landscape and the subsequent lack in confidence in the property market.

The housing market in the Granite City and suburbs has faced significant challenges in the last 4 years, but we must look at the whole picture and continue to promote and focus on the many benefits we enjoy in our part of the world, such as the attractive lifestyle, the health benefits, the continual improvement of infrastructure and connectivity, the good work-life balance, shorter than average commuting times and the general quality of life and wellbeing which can for many be the most important factor when deciding where to live.  Our extensive experience in the property industry tells us these factors, combined with affordability of housing, sets us apart from other major cities in the UK. 

Pam Morrison, Senior Sales Adviser

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