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Floating Wind Farm off Peterhead

Earlier this month Scotland’s offshore renewable energy sector was given a boost when the Scottish Government granted a marine licence for the UK’s first and the world’s largest floating wind farm to be installed approximately 25 kilometres off the Peterhead coast.  The wind farm shall consist of five 6MW turbines. 

These turbines shall be floating and anchored to the sea bed rather than having a tower embedded there.  This type of technology allows turbines to be installed in much deeper water.  The water depth at this particular location is approximately 360 feet however, it is thought that these turbines can be installed at much greater depths, i.e. much further offshore and out of sight of those living on the coast.   

Scotland is hoping to firmly establish itself as being at the forefront of renewable energy, both from an expertise point of view and also location.  This project goes a long way in assisting achievement of that goal. 

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Latest News