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The Cost of Letting the Bed-Bugs Bite

A Hotel in the US has been sued for more than $160,000 by two women who claim that they suffered significant bed bug bites whilst staying there with their family.

In court papers lodged, the claimants allege that a well-known hotel chain  failed to provide them with sanitary rooms and that hotel staff failed to properly clean and inspect rooms, as well as spot signs of bed bug attacks.

The women allege that they discovered bites over their "arms, hands, back, legs and scalp” and that they were diagnosed with "numerous bed bug bites from a significant infestation," according to the court papers. 

Both women allege that the bites were caused by the hotel chain failing to provide clean and safe rooms for guests and for not doing enough to solve their problem after they found the bugs.

In addition to an award of damages, both are also seeking reimbursement of their medical expenses.

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