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Are your annual accounts due to be filed?

If your annual company accounts are due to be filed and you are having difficulty finalising these during this time, you can apply to Companies House for a 3 month extension.  If you cite difficulties due to the coronavirus outbreak, the extension will be granted automatically and immediately.  Note however that the extension is for this instance only; the extension will not apply to any future filings.

If you consider your company will be unable to file the annual accounts before the filing deadline, apply to Companies House for an extension online:-

You must however make the application for an extension before your filing deadline and file the accounts by the extended deadline to avoid a late filing penalty.  Be aware that if your company has already extended the filing deadline or shortened the accounting reference period, the extension may not be granted.

Do not miss the filing deadline due to difficulties and then try to retrospectively apply for an extension.  If you do not seek an extension and your accounts are filed late, the usual circumstances will apply and the company will be issued with a late filing penalty.  Be sure to make use of the extension option if necessary.

In relation to other filings at Companies House, most documents can be filed electronically via the online filing system.  For the few documents that cannot be accepted electronically, Companies House is devising a system for these documents to be uploaded and payment made (where applicable). 

If you are unsure about making an application to extend the filing date for your accounts or you are making changes to your company which include filings with Companies House but are unsure how to go about this, we would be happy to assist.  Please contact Kirstin Ejsmont at in the first instance and someone within our commercial department will be in touch with you.

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