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Local Solicitors Lend a Hand

Mackinnons, Solicitors, with branch offices in Aboyne and in Cults, have volunteered to donate all fees generated from the provision of Notary Services  for the next six months to the Fund set up locally on Deeside for those affected by the recent tragic flooding. 

Pat Gray, the local Partner, said,

“We have done this in the past and have over the years raised considerable amounts of money which have been donated to the local hospital and to other deserving community groups.

Many, many people and business have had a dreadful start to 2016.  We are trying to assist in various ways but thought that the money which we donate will help those affected during the weeks and months to come.”

If you require any documents notarised then please call either our Cults or Aboyne office to arrange an appointment.  Collection cans for donations are also available in both offices.

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