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Enter with caution!

Unmarried couples must be aware of a lack of rights when buying homes or moving in together, says Pat Gray. Read more

Thinking of becoming a private landlord?

There may be a variety of reasons why you are thinking of becoming a private landlord or you may already be a landlord but are dissatisfied with the service you are receiving from your existing letting agent. Read more

To Have and to Hold - A Word of Caution

Buying as a couple for the very first time is incredibly exciting yet with only a very small percentage of couples in Scotland in civil partnerships and fewer couples getting married than ever before, a number of things should be considered by potential co-habitees when looking to purchase a home together. Read more

Til Death Do us Part?

Increasing numbers of individuals throughout Scotland are now choosing to live together rather than get married.  Many couples living together actually own property but a much smaller percentage own their home jointly. Read more

Land and Buildings Transaction Tax – New Scottish Tax Explained

Having acquired the power to introduce devolved taxes, the Scottish Parliament has now introduced two new taxes, one of them being Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (LBTT). It replaces Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) and will be administered by a new tax authority – Revenue Scotland. Read more
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People of Significant Control – Part 1

A recent query from Companies House as regards the people of significant control (“PSCs”) of a client company prompted a useful recap of the PSC Rules and it was considered useful to share.

Read More