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Aberdeen city is one of the ‘best in which to live and work’

According to the latest Demos-PwC Good Growth for Cities Index, and as published in the Press & Journal, Aberdeen is ranked in sixth place in a league table of 42 UK cities, bypassing Edinburgh, as one of the best cities to live and work in the UK.  The study was... Read more

Property Market Viewpoint

It has been an interesting year for the Property Team at Mackinnons.  Three new members of staff were warmly welcomed into the fold at the beginning of the year and have settled into their new positions well, bringing with them fresh ideas and implementing changes that will stand the team... Read more

Equity Release - a later life solution for you?

For those who are unfamiliar, equity release can offer a solution for people to cash in on their home while still living there. Aimed usually at those aged over 55 and above it can offer a means of borrowing money in the run up to and after retirement, using your... Read more

Is your child leaving home to start university?

As the new university term starts for another year, new undergraduates for the first time will have to learn how to cope living away from home and how to handle their finances. Read more

Gifting Bricks and Mortars - do take care

Transferring a flat or a house for anything less than its worth, or for no payment at all, is known as a transfer at “undervalue”, e.g. if a grandfather sells his house to his grandson at £200,000 when the property is worth £450,000 then he will have “gifted” part in... Read more

New Code of Practice for Letting Agents

The end of 2017 saw massive changes in the Scottish private rented sector with the introduction of the new Private Residential Tenancy Agreement which has been received with mixed reviews, depending on whether you are a landlord or a tenant.  Although the new PRT is a lengthy document it does... Read more

Selecting a suitable property for the Aberdeen rental market

The Granite City’s residential property market may not be booming for home sellers – but for those seeking to invest in rental property current conditions can provide excellent opportunities. Read more

Private Residential Tenancies

The 1st December 2017 will see the launch of the long awaited Private Residential Tenancy (PRT), a “model” tenancy agreement created by the Scottish Government.   Read more

The Bank of Mum and Dad

A report published recently for the BBC has shown the number of first time buyers relying on “the Bank of Mum and Dad” for financial help has now reached an all time high with more than one-third of home buyers in England depending upon family financial contribution. Read more
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People of Significant Control – Part 1

A recent query from Companies House as regards the people of significant control (“PSCs”) of a client company prompted a useful recap of the PSC Rules and it was considered useful to share.

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