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New Common Fisheries Policy

A vote in mid-December 2013 has resulted in the adoption of the CFP reform as of 1 January 2014.  The backbone of the new reform is sustainable fishing; environmentally, economically and socially. 

In order to achieve this, sustainability was and is at the heart of the reform with much emphasis being placed on the ‘maximum sustainable yield’ objective, the introduction of a ban on discards, regionalisation and a move away from all decisions coming from Brussels and improving knowledge to make better use of scientific data. 

Improving the attractiveness of the fishing industry will encourage a growth in employment providing much needed support for small-scale fisheries and coastal communities dependent upon fishing.  This will also help secure a better future for the fishing industry.

If you wish to contact us to discuss this matter further please contact Graham Jones or Kirstin McPherson.

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Business Continuity

We are certainly in uncharted waters at the moment but wish to reassure all our clients that whilst the personal health and welfare of our staff must be paramount at this time, we will continue to operate and support our clients’ legal requirements with the minimum of disruption.

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