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Our Summer Property Market - are things really “on the up”?

Statistics released this week by Aberdeen Solicitors Property Centre indicate that there are encouraging signs coming through in the second quarter figures for the Aberdeen area housing market.

The volume of sales has shown a healthy increase on that for the same quarter last year but these figures must be treated with a degree of caution when considering the overall drop in the market throughout 2016.

It is fair to say that the spring market in both the City and Shire certainly brought a lot of optimism to the area but the surprise announcement of a General Election with all the uncertainty which came with it (and which is still around) and the holiday period following immediately thereafter has generally resulted in a fairly sluggish summer period.

On a positive note, the apparent stability in the North East oil industry and the word of new projects in the “pipeline” for 2018 is both welcome and encouraging but, looking at the bigger geographical picture, with Brexit and other international issues very much in evidence, it would seem we are still quite some way off seeing any early return to a marked increase any time soon.

Patricia J Gray

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Employment Tribunal Fees Illegal – Where to Next?

The Supreme Court has held today, 26th July 2017, that the Employment Tribunals and the Employment Appeal Tribunals Fees Order 2013 (which saw the introduction of fees to the Employment Tribunal and led to a 70% reduction in claims) is unlawful and will be quashed.

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