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GDPR – What is it and are you ready?

With less than four months to go until the implementation date of the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), 25th May 2018, all business organisations should be aware of their obligations and the steps they should take to prepare for the new regime. Read more

Tainted Dismissal Case - Whistle-blowers

The case of Royal Mail v Jhuti is a recent example of a “Tainted Dismissal” case. That is one where the employee loses their job as a result of the negative motivation of a work colleague or manager which has prompted false allegations, but where the manager who made the... Read more

Refunding Employment Tribunal Fees

Following the successful challenge to the lawfulness of Employment Tribunal fees, the Government has now announced its plans for a refund scheme. Read more

AGCC Lunch'n'Learn - Changes to Data Protection law

The General Data Protection Regulations will be implemented in the UK on 25th May 2018, bringing with them considerable changes to Data Protection Law. Read more

Discrimination – Revised Compensation Guidelines

The Employment Tribunals have issued updated guidance on the appropriate levels of compensation which may be awarded in discrimination cases. Read more

Employment Tribunal Fees Illegal – Where to Next?

The Supreme Court has held today, 26th July 2017, that the Employment Tribunals and the Employment Appeal Tribunals Fees Order 2013 (which saw the introduction of fees to the Employment Tribunal and led to a 70% reduction in claims) is unlawful and will be quashed. Read more

The Millennial Cost of Sickness

Traditionally, employers count the cost of sickness by measuring the number of days “lost” as a result of employees being absent from work due to sickness. However, with many employees now capable of working from home, there are varying degrees of “loss”.  Furthermore, a recent survey conducted by Aviva UK... Read more

The Force of a Jurisdiction Clause

An Advocate General of the European Court of Justice recently considered the issue of where an employee habitually works and the impact of a “choice of jurisdiction” clause in the employee’s contract.  When issuing his opinion on the meaning of the “place where the employee habitually carries out his work”... Read more

“Sleeping-in” and the National Minimum Wage

Are workers entitled to the National Minimum Wage (NMW) when “on call” or “sleeping-in”?  “It depends” confirmed the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) in the combined cases of Focus Care Agency -v- Roberts, Frudd -v- Partington and Mencap -v- Tomlinson-Blake. Read more

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New Code of Practice for Letting Agents

The end of 2017 saw massive changes in the Scottish private rented sector with the introduction of the new Private Residential Tenancy Agreement which has been received with mixed reviews, depending on whether you are a landlord or a tenant.  Although the new PRT is a lengthy document it does...

Are we on the road to recovery?

Figures just released from Aberdeen Solicitors Property Centre give rise to “guarded optimism” for the housing market in Aberdeen and the North East.

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